10Days Ayurveda hormone Treatment Programme

Once said a male nature doctor “We men have no idea what all those hormones do with women.” and how true that is. But women know there are often themselves but little. The result is that women subconsciously create their own symptoms or worsen, because the things they do cause or increase an imbalance in their hormones. Stress is one example and unhealthy food.

How are your hormones? Are you in transition or do you suffer from PMS, you can be sure your hormones are out of balance. But even if you have little energy, a lot of headache, upset your digestion or do all kinds of vague health problems, there is almost always a hormonal imbalance.

Especially for women who their hormones are out of balance, Sparks organizes! in collaboration with Health Resort Nature Lanka Ayurveda hormone this unique trip to Sri Lanka, where your next Ayurveda treatments directed to an improved hormonal balance also gets a lot of knowledge about your endocrine system! The insights you will gain, worry almost always make it easier at home to keep your hormones better balance.


  • Transport to and from the Colombo airport (about 3.5 hours drive).
  • Ayurvedic full board (three meals per day) for all days in Ayurveda Health Resort Nature Lanka.
  • So much water and ayurvedic tea (specifically for your body type) as you want.
  • Personal consultation on arrival and departure with an Ayurvedic doctor, in which your body type (dosha) is determined.
  • A treatment specifically directed to the improvement of hormonal imbalances in women. That includes the necessary Ayurvedic herbal medicines.
  • Seven days 5 Ayurvedic treatments per day (eg, body massage with herbal oil (given by one or two therapists), head massage, back massage, (steam) herbal baths, shirodara (trickle of warm oil on the forehead), etc.
  • Daily yoga class.
  • One or two personal consultations (all according to need) with hormone factor coach Anita Eggink containing tips and advice on how to deal with your hormonal imbalance in the normal daily life in the Netherlands, how you can improve your hormone balance and how hormonal imbalance can prevent as much as possible.
  • A lecture by an Ayurvedic physician on Ayurveda and proper hormone balance.
  • Two readings of hormonal factor coach Anita Eggink about different causes of hormone imbalance and what you can do to improve the balance and improved hold. Both specific female hormone issues as the effects of too much stress on your hormone balance are addressed. Understanding how your endocrine function often helps tremendously to keep better balance your hormones.
  • An Ayurvedic cooking if desired
10 day Ayurveda hormone Treatment Programme – On request

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