Ayurveda Learning  Sri Lanka

Introduction  to Ayurveda Learning

Our Ayurveda School is an institute for introducing Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments for interested people throughout the world. The course is, well planned with an organized syllabus which provides basic skills and knowledge of Ayurveda.The training program consist mainly on theory and practical training sessions, including visits to other Ayurveda Medical Centres, Herbal Gardens, etc.

After successful completion of the course students will be awarded an internationally recognized certificate.Training conducted as Group Classes & maximum is 10 students. Translations will be provided
(eg: German, French, Japanese, Russian Bulgarian, Italian Etc…)

Ayurveda Learning Sri Lanka course contents

The course provides a clear understanding of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, an understanding of tissue and metabolism – a practical introduction to the classical ayurvedic oil treatments (usually “Ayurvedic Massage”), and as an introduction to ayurvedic nutrition and Ayurvedic cooking. The students will see how consultations held, prepared ayurvedic oils, and oil applications.Ayurveda course is aimed at people who want to gain a deeper understanding of Ayurveda and want to bring this knowledge into their daily lives.

The course will be primarily of interest for people who want to expand their professional and personal competence (Physiotherapists, massage therapists, medical practitioners, etc.) Successful course completion requires participation in all lessons.

Ayurveda Learning Syllabus


  1. Historical Background of Ayurveda
  2. Basics of Ayurveda
  3. Administrative and management practices of Ayurveda
  4. Ayurvedic Diagnosis (pulse, eyes, tongue, nails, skin)
  5. Massage techniques of the head, face and body
  6. First aid methods
  7. Basic knowledge of Pancha Karma
  8. Basics of Ayurvedic herbal plants
  9. Basic knowledge of acupressure and yoga techniques
  10. Basic knowledge of Ayurvedic food & dietary requirements (Dinachariyas) The 6 tastes, dietary requirements and guidelines for the different body types.
  11. Prepare rules for the day and season to bring the doshas in balance / effects on the health of Ayurveda tea, herbs and spices.
  12. Practical guidance and advice on nutritional value of various foods.
  13. Cooking workshops.
  14. Basic knowledge for the manufacture of Ayurvedic Medicine Kashaya (decoctions) Swarasa (fresh juice) Kalka (herbal pastes) Choorna (powder), Dad (tablets) and Asava Arishta (Kräutertoniken) Ghee Thailya (medicinal oil).


  1. Face Massage
  2. Special Massage for joints
  3. Neck & Shoulder Massage
  4. Body Massage
  5. Face mask
  6. Thermal Therapy / Steam Inhalations
  7. AXON / oil bath
  8. Nose cleaning
  9. Herbal Treatments head
  10. Foot bath and rub
  11. Flower bath
  12. Herbal bath


10 Days Total 54 teaching hours 1420€
14 Days Total 72 teaching hours 1946€
21 Days Total 108 teaching hours 2814€
28 Days Total 213 teaching hours 3612€

Prices quoted do not include Airport-transfer and 10% all government charges.Prices include :

  • Room and all meals with beverages.
  • Daily theoretical and practical lessons.
  • More information or any special requests, please contact Dr.M.W. Punchihewa.
  • natureayurveda@gmail.com
  • 0094 773548249
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