Group Retreats

Thank you for considering Nature Lanka Retreat for hosting your destination retreat. We are dedicated to supporting retreats and retreat leaders like you that focus on nurturing, transforming and inspiring lives. We will do our best to develop long lasting relationships with retreat leaders and guests that share our philosophy by providing a place where each person can truly rejuvenate and grow into their greatest self without judgment or criticism.

With many years of experience we have achieved the reputation of being able to create an exceptional unique for all who set foot on our land. Over the years we have had the pleasure of hosting numerous diversified retreats.


Nature Lanka is exclusive, intimate and secluded, designed to host one or two groups at a time. We can accommodate a group with as few as 5 to as many as ….. guests. We serve three healthy, fresh and delicious Ayurvedic meals to your group every day. Our comfortable and well appointed cabanas or rooms can accommodate the needs of your group with single, double, triple configurations.


In addition, we can offer you airport transportation service between Colombo Airport to Nature Lanka Resort, anytime during night time and day time a variety of services in our wellness center and a selection of excursions to give you and your guests a chance to experience a beautiful and attractive nature and historical value places. These are not included in our rates and are at an additional cost. We offer a special offer for site leaders. We look forward to hosting your retreat and beginning a long and lasting relationship with you and your guests!

Seven Beach Villa – Unawatuna

In the Winter, there is no better time to escape the grasp of Midwet winter and head off to a tropical beach destination with sand, yoga & friends. You will enjoy the sound of Indian ocean waves breaking on the shore is the first thing you hear after a peaceful night’s sleep. Look out your window and enjoy your view of lush gardens and the sea.

Personal Retreats.

Thank you for considering Nature Lanka Retreat as your destination for a personal retreat. As our guest we offer you a magical and idyllic place in a natural and supportive environment where you can relax, renew and restore your well-being. The peaceful calm and serenity that surrounds you will allow you the opportunity to experience the freedom of immersing yourself in your own mind-body-spirit experience.


For individuals who are looking to treat themselves to a tropical vacation with a little of everything, and the flexibility to add more of what you like, we offer to you the chance to build your own individual vacation Sampler Package. We offer a 3 night base package, Single or Double occupancy, to which you can add additional nights and additional activities.

On-Site Activities

There are many activities available for you to enjoy during your stay at Nature Lanka Retreat. Choose a meditation class, Ayurveda panchakarma treatments, cooking class, sunset beach bonfire or browse our boutique. Our terrace offers a quiet place to sit and read, enjoy a beverage, write in your journal or connect with new and old friends. Take advantage of our beach, for sun, sand and solitude, also swimming pool, where you can swim, walk, read or even stretch out for a nap.

Off-Site Activities

Nature Lanka arranges short excursions to visit places of interests on most afternoons during the week. You will discover nature with these short journeys and meaningful experiences from your leisure time. You have opportunities to look and learn how the life in the village is as well as what kind of works they do for day to day life (Making local Bricks, Making buffalo curds, Fishing and their Chenas, etc … ) and Sri Lanka’s natural beauty, cultural and spiritual heritage with these short excursion. Most beautiful places around us are Udawalawa national Park, Mulkirigala Rock Temple, Bundala National Park, Kalamatiya Bird sanctuary in Kalametiya Bay and Kataragama Dewalaya.

More Activities

▪ Surfing
▪ Hiking
▪ Cycling
▪ Kayaking
▪ Paddle boarding

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