Complete Cure for Diabetics – Insulin and Non-insulin Patients with Ayurveda Treatment

A Message From Dr.B.A Rathnapala – Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner

Dr. B. A. Rathnapala

Traditional Diabetologist.

D.A.M.S (Sri Lanka)

Former President adviser to the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine, Sri Lanka.

Former adviser to the Minister of Indigenous Medicine, Sri Lanka.

Harms of Metformin

According to Traditional Sri Lankan Medical system (TSM) which originated about 5000 years ago, diabetes is a curable disease provided that the correct medicine is given at the correct time. If one fails to give correct medicine in time it is said that diabetes becomes incurable.

The most commonly used western drug for diabetes is METFORMIN. Sadly Metformin isn’t the correct drug for diabetes according to TSM. True it controls your sugar level temporarily. But it causes reduction of remaining insulin secreting ability of your pancreas.

Following is a Pubmed link of a research article done on mice to find out the true effect of Metformin on the mammalian pancreas. And the results are shocking.

We wish to demonstrate the results simply for the sake of the common reader.

1) After a 24 hours exposure to just 130 milligrams of metformin, the insulin secreting beta cells of pancreas showed a reduced insulin secretion in response to 1800 milligrams of glucose.

2) After a 3 days exposure to just 130 milligrams of metformin, nearly 40 per cent of the insulin secreting beta cells were found dead.
This is why your western doctor has to keep on increasing the dose of Metformin every time you complain “doctor my sugar levels are now high”. It keeps getting worse until all your pancreatic beta cells are dead and gone and you are left with the only choice of injecting insulin from outside.
Harms of injecting Insulin

Insulin injection is life saving in an emergency. But irrational use and chronic use can be very harmful to the human body. Following is another Pubmed link of a very recent research article done to find out the harmful effects of injected insulin.

It concludes the following.

In people with type 2 diabetes, insulin injection was associated with an increased risk of diabetes-related complications, cancer, and all-cause mortality.

Traditional Sri Lankan Medicine (TSM) re-grow your pancreas

As mentioned above, according to TSM diabetes is a curable disease. If you come to us without too much of Metformin and Insulin injection, we will definitely cure you. We have tons of patient records to prove the efficacy of TSM and the harms of western synthetic medicine.

What we do under TSM is we regenerate insulin secreting beta cells in your pancreas. And we prove it by observing the gradual buildup of fasting serum insulin levels and serum c-peptide levels.

During our line of treatment, we help you get rid of Metformin and Insulin injection. That is our priority number one.

Even if you are a patient who was on Metformin for 10 to 15 years (the point at which we suspect that your diabetes is incurable), with TSM we guarantee the best possible management of your disease offering you a 100 per cent quality of life improvement.

Rich Sri Lankan Traditional Healing Methods For Travelers

We normally travel for joy, for adventures, for experience and leisure. But what if we could travel to find a cure to a disease? What if alternative medicine bear secrets to cure the most deadliest diseases such as diabetes, cancer, etc?

Having a 5000 year old traditional medical system, Sri Lanka is one of the front running countries of alternative and natural medicine. We as Sri Lankan traditional doctors have recognized the importance of sharing the rich Sri Lankan traditional healing methods with travelers from around the world.This new concept called “Wellness Tourism”.

It has been a trend for a traveler to get into a spa and get a full body massage when ever they visit an Asian country. That’s because they have felt the difference of it compared to a ready made pill prepared by a western pharmaceutical company. But what they don’t know is, that massage at a spa is just a drop of water compared to the ocean of secrets hidden within the alternative medical system to cure many deadly diseases.

Unfortunately the pharmacopoeia which plays the upper hand in the world health care sector at the moment have blinded us to believe in every word they say to run a monopoly on those who are chronically ill and helpless. Western pharmacopoeia isolate drug compounds and patent them to earn billions forgetting the importance of synergism of a few natural herbs working together to cure a disease without side effects.

​To my knowledge, since isolation of active ingredient of a biochemical compound is the basis behind western pharmaceutical industry,  ​But you may wonder if western drugs save lives or not. Yes they do save lives on acute and urgent occasions. But longer use of western drugs on chronic illnesses does deteriorate your health and quality of life.acute and urgent occasions.

​But above all, with our meaningful collaboration you will receive the luxury of curing your disease while you inspire the natural beauty of Sri Lanka.

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