Tips For Nature Lanka Resort Visitors


Citizens of the most EU-countries, U.K., Russia and most of the other countries granted a visa on arrival. Passport must be valid for a minimum of six months after arrival. There is no obligatory vaccination. You should nevertheless discuss your travel plans with your physician.


Cotton, light clothing is recommended. Not need to bring too much of cloths. We have our own laundry and forgotten items can easily be purchased at a low cost. For your treatments, we provide you with a daily fresh cloth free of charge.

Please! No Alcohol

Alcohol is not permitted in the resort, as it is not compatible with any Ayurvedic cure.


The local currency is the Sri Lankan Rupee. We recommend to changing money in Sri Lanka, as the exchange rate is more favourable here.

Credit Cards

Visa- and MasterCard are accepted. There is a wide range of ATM’s which accept Visa- or EC-cards in combination with a pin-code in the banks better settle by cash(Euros or US Dollars)

Terms and Conditions of Nature Lanka Ayurveda Health Resort.

  • Reservation :
    Once we have received your booking form, we will reply with your booking confirmation.Special requests or requirement must be clearly stated on the reservation form and will be confirmed by management.
  • Entry-Formalities:
    Guests are responsible for the compliance with local passport-, immigration- & customs.
  • Discrepancies arising During the Cure :
    Guests are obligated to notify our management in the case of any deficiencies and shortcomings so that we are able to correct these as soon as possible during the guests’ stay.