Ayurveda consultation, therapeutic massage as well as specialist natural, holistic wellness services are offered at Beach Retreat in Nature Lanka Ayurveda Resort Sri Lanka. Ayurveda is among the most holistic approach to health care known. Ayurveda originated in India many year before and continues to be sophisticated and applied to different time, place and circumstances.

Ayurveda is also the world most ancient recorded all natural healthcare process.

Ayurveda offers and also explains general concepts adaptable to time place and circumstances. Ayurveda is the perfect modality for a Health Retreat on the Sri Lanka. Ayurvedic concepts learnt at your wellness retreat are simple practical to take home and make use of for rest of your life.

Ayurveda is a sensible and inclusive holistic system of health care concentrating on the elimination as well as remedying of illness. Some of the treatment techniques Ayurveda utilizes are; diet, massage, counselling, exercise, yoga, lifestyle development, psychology, a range of specialist spa treatments and medical herbal remedies.

Ayurveda is based in a holistic viewpoint of health care. Ayurveda offers an in depth enthusiastic knowledge of the life process itself. Ayurvedas deep principle centered understanding of life allows continual practical development and application to “time place and circumstance”; right up to the present here in Nature Lanka Ayurveda Resort Sri Lanka.

Ayurveda Beach Health Resort is located in a stunning green enclave directly on the beach. Beach Health Retreat services include; Ayurvedic consultation, treatments, massage and personal customized Ayurveda detox programs (Panchakarma).

Ayurveda fresh herbs

The useful strength of the actual Ayurveda program and our own treatment options is its elaborate understanding of the energetics of fresh, local organic healthful medical herbs and food. Ayurveda herb ology makes use of the very power of life itself, working with the vitality that receives all living for its success. Ayurveda emphasizes the freshness and purity of food and medical herbs. Beach Health Retreat is a unique Ayurveda resort in this respect in this it goes to excellent measures to make use of its very own refreshing organic Ayurveda medical herbs. Beach Health Retreat has its own lovingly tendered, on-site organic herb gardens.