Let the correct Ayurvedic cuisine be your medicine

Ayurveda is a natural system of medicine which believes that dieting can promote the health of any individual while preventing and curing diseases. Ayurveda accepts that food is a way of giving energy and a way how the external environment around you would decide the way how it serves you. Ayurveda believes that your digestion and the nutritional needs get affected by the changes in your life and nature. One of the essential factors in Ayurvedic meals is that the food which you consume is natural, fresh and seasonal as we customize them for the requirements.

Ayurveda suggests that a meal should include six tastes in any meal as it would aid your body and brain to connect in a mode which would help to digest your food while leaving you satisfied effectively. Including the main six tastes and sub tastes into your meal is an excellent method to include an ayurvedic diet for your day to day lifestyle as it would help to promote your health. An effective digestion process directs to a superb absorption of necessary nutrients and eventually reduces overeating or the craving for food.

As a result, the ayurvedic food at Nature Lanka resort is designed to balance your choice of treatment; all meals at our resort of generosity are planned under the consultancy of our Ayurvedic doctor to make sure that all our guests enjoy the best dishes that are beneficial for their health. However, our ayurvedic kitchen and our cooks are a great asset to our resort. Our chefs would please and surprise you every day of your stay at Nature Lanka resort.

When it comes to the breakfast, you will find various types of fruit juices, fruits, different herbal soups and a selection of multiple Sri Lankan dishes. For lunch, you would see a wide range of mild fish, herbal curries, fresh vegetables and red rice. Our Ayurveda doctor gives particular attention to the meals of our guests, so the doctor consults each of our guests, and a special menu arranged according to their health conditions and sickness. Each of our recipes is extensively researched by our Ayurveda doctors to provide the maximum benefit for our guests.

As bliss of the renowned hospitality of our service, we let our guests enjoy a delightful ayurvedic cuisine throughout a unique dining experience at Nature Lanka Resort. Pick to enjoy your meals at our comfortable ancient Ayurveda home, near the swimming pool or even in your private and spacious room. No matter what you pick, our team of associates would always be willing to design you customized dining experience at our home of Nature Lanka Resort.